Schweizer Bundesgesetz

Swiss federal law: Serious financial intermediaries never charge fees

Also, the case in Switzerland: It is forbidden to levy fees for the mere negotiation of credit. If a company active in this field still tries to charge you fees for a personal loan, then you should look for a serious financial service provider who knows the law and abides by it.

Federal law forbids charging fees for credit brokerage

Facts are nothing but facts: Pursuant to the Swiss federal act on consumer credits 221.214.1, it is not allowed to charge fees for negotiating a personal loan. This Act serves to protect borrowers, with the details governed by Article 35 of the Swiss federal act on consumer credits: According to this Article, the consumers do not owe any compensation to the intermediaries for credit brokerage, including the handling fee and other types of charges. Apart from that, the lenders are also not allowed to separately charge a proportion of the total brokerage costs from their customers (Articles 5 and 34(1)).

What should the consumers pay attention to?

If you plan to apply for a loan in the near future, you should not condone any brokerage fees. Pursuant to Swiss federal law, it is forbidden to charge fees for credit brokerage. The same applies for handling charges. However, there are still a few banks that try levying account carrying charges from their clients. On the contrary, you can fully trust our loan comparison, as there are no additional charges incurred when we prepare a customised offer for a personal loan.