Loan Calculator

The loan calculator simply shows monthly installments for various loan amounts. For this, it needs only the desired amount and the duration of the agreement. The calculation is made with a fixed interest rate and it applies during the entire duration of the agreement. You can enter data manually or set it with the control. In this way you can simply test various adjustments and find the best parameters for your individual needs. At the same time, you can freely have fun by entering different data, in order to feel the connection of all loan related items – the duration of the agreement, amount of money and monthly installments. Although it seems reasonable to repay the loan as soon as possible, a short time of repayment should not be chosen. Monthly installments are sufficiently low if they can be repaid without much sacrifice, even if an unforseen expense occurs. If the calculated installment is too high, you can choose the longer duration of the agreement, in order to reduce the burdain. In this, time ranges between six months and 84 months are possible. Miro Kredit AG offers loans between CHF 2,000 and CHF 200,000. Thus, with us, you can make both your great and small wishes come true.

With a possibility to compare various terms quickly and simply, you can define the best offer for your situation. In this way, the amount of the loan suits your financial situation and the monthly burdain on your monthly income. A favourable loan helps you relieve the household budget. At the same time, you can provide for yourself favourable terms due to the fixed interest rate. So, at the end, you will also save cash.

In addition to the monthly installment, the loan calculator calculates the incurred costs of interest. Furthermore, there is a possibility of the calculation of the costs for securing the installments. With this insurance, you can secure the repayment of the loan in case of an accident, unemployment or sickness. The amount of the above is already calculated in the monthly installment. If you found the adequate combination for the loaned amount of money and the duration of the agreement, the calculator leads you from the loan that you wish further to the submission of the loan application. All your data is protected and not submitted to third persons. The condition for the loan application is having residence in Switzerland. After you have provided your information, we will submit an offer to you.