When life surprises us with an unexpected situation, especially the one including money, we need to make decisions fast. Whether it’s an expensive and necessary car repair, or a once in a life time opportunity you don’t want to miss, your best ally is a loan with Miro Kredit: simple request – precise payment – swiftly done job!

Online Miro Kredit service lets you file a loan request in an easy and simple fashion. You will be informed about the decision on your loan already within 24 hours. With over thirty years of experience, Miro Kredit knows the best how to professionally and reliably enable an affordable loan to you.


Miro Kredit - About us

Miro Kredit has been successfully enabling loans in the Swiss market since 1978 at the lowest interest rates.

You won’t get just a promise from us – we will process your request swiftly, efficiently and discreetly, without the sluggish bureaucracy.

Our best marketing are tens of thousands of satisfied clients. Over thirty years of successful business are the guarantee of our credibility.

Looking to buy a new car, adapt or renovate your home or office space, equip your apartment, house or office? You’re at right spot! All you need to do is select a loan that best suits your needs, and we’re there for you to provide a solution.

since 1978