• When life surprises us with an unexpected situation, especially the one including money, we need to make decisions fast. Whether it’s an expensive and necessary car repair, or a once in a life time opportunity you don’t want to miss, your best ally is a loan with Miro Kredit: simple request – precise payment – swiftly done job!

    Online Miro Kredit service lets you file a loan request in an easy and simple fashion. You will be informed about the decision on your loan already within 24 hours. With over thirty years of experience, Miro Kredit knows the best how to professionally and reliably enable an affordable loan to you.

  • Personal loan does not have a purpose and can be used at will. You determine loan amount and the repayment period only. Miro Kredit guarantees precise processing of your request and deciding on the loan already within 24 hours. With us, it takes the shortest period to apply for a loan in the amount from 2’000 CHF to 150’000 CHF.

  • Miro Kredit AG from Basel is specialized in providing the right loan in the right moment with the right conditions for almost any purpose. Whether it’s house renovation, education, car purchase or simple make your wish come true: Miro Kredit affordable loan is one click away from you. This offer is fully in line with the needs of the client, not vice versa. This is the principle that highlights our multiyear success, as Miro Kredit AG has been operating for over 30 years in the market. This means that clients get not just extensive experience in credit operations, but also expertise to best find affordable loan.

  • What is an online loan with Miro Kredit? This is, first of all, a loan which is quite simple to file a request for – using an online form. Miro Kredit A.G. from Basel has transparency, expertise, and over thirty years of experience. Don’t file your online loan request just anywhere, but entrust it to the Miro Kredit experts. Here, you will get an online loan that caters to your needs. It’s up to you to decide how to spend it. Miro Kredit lets you purchase your dream car, invest in renovation or quality electronics.

    • Swift
    • easy
    • simple
  • You saw a new piece of furniture that perfectly fits in your place? It’s of utmost importance that you feel good in the space where you live. A new table, armchair, sofa, bed, kitchen or any item of furniture, and you have already freshened up and improved your space, and you already feel good!

    • Comfort
    • warmness
    • pleasure
  • You have an old car that starts breaking down, and repairs are getting more and more expensive? Miro kredit is there for you to help you get a new car in the most cost-efficient manner or make your old dream come true and buy a motorcycle.

    • Optional full coverage auto insurance
    • tax deductible
  • Children get older, and each year are faced with increasingly higher requirements regarding education and professional growth. To help you meet all the needs for new knowledge and professional growth, imposed by the modern ways of life, Miro kredit AG offers education loans , which will help you ensure quality education for either yourself or your children, and so secure a safe future.

    Miro Kredit AG acts as an intermediary in securing a education loan to its clients, with all well known banks in Switzerland.

    Knowledge is the path to a safe future!

    • Cost-effective
    • Profitable
  • Your house or the flat you live in are old. The wiring is old. The apartment insulation is poor and you lose a lot of heat. These are just some the reasons that require improving and renovating the place where you live.

    Miro Kredit AG will ensure that you get the most affordable renovation and/or adaptation loan for your apartment or house. Our team of experts is at your disposal, to advise, prvide intermediary services or ensure that you get a loan in some of the best Swiss banks. All you need to do is to fill out request for home improvement loan.

    • Promptly
    • simply
    • efficiently

Miro Kredit - About us

Miro Kredit has been successfully enabling loans in the Swiss market since 1978 at the lowest interest rates.

You won’t get just a promise from us – we will process your request swiftly, efficiently and discreetly, without the sluggish bureaucracy.

Our best marketing are tens of thousands of satisfied clients. Over thirty years of successful business are the guarantee of our credibility.

Looking to buy a new car, adapt or renovate your home or office space, equip your apartment, house or office? You’re at right spot! All you need to do is select a loan that best suits your needs, and we’re there for you to provide a solution.

since 1978