Legal notice

The granting of credit is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness (Art. 3 Unfair Competition Act – UWG). I confirm that the information is complete and true. I acknowledge and agree that Miro Kredit AG shall transmit my application to Cembra Money Bank AG, Creditfolio AG, Bank-now AG and other finance companies (hereinafter referred to as “Financial Institution”) over the internet, via email or fax/post. I also confirm the following:

Application review and credit report data:

I confirm that all of my data is true and authorise the Financial Institution and Miro Kredit AG to collect information about me – in relation to the review of this application and the processing of the contractual relationship – from third parties, in particular banks, the Central Office for Credit Information (ZEK), authorities (e.g., debt collection and tax offices, commercial register, residents control office, child and adult protection authorities), credit agencies, credit brokers, employers, health insurance companies, landlords, land registries, affiliates of the Financial Institution and the Consumer Credit Information Center (IKO). For the above purposes, I release these bodies from bank customer, postal, official and business secrets. I also authorise the Financial Institution to notify the ZEK and, if applicable, IKO about the transaction applied for, as well as to report to other bodies in the event of corresponding legal obligations. The type of credit or financing, amount and modalities, as well as the personal information of the applicant(s) and any qualified outstanding payments or abuses, are reported. I acknowledge the right of the ZEK and IKO to provide information about the reported data to their members. The Financial Institution can refuse the application without stating reasons, and in the event of false information, it is neither bound to the offer nor to the signed contract.

Cooperation with brokers:

In the event of applications received from brokers, the Financial Institution can exchange with them information that is necessary in relation to the application review and creditworthiness check, as well as the conclusion and processing of the contract.

Information about partners:

If I have entered information about my partner or registered partner (“Partner”) in the application, I confirm that (i) I have informed my Partner about this application, (ii) I have entered all the information about my Partner truthfully, (iii) the Financial Institution and Miro Kredit AG can check the above information by direct inquiries to my Partner, and (iv) my Partner agrees that the Financial Institution and Miro Kredit AG can obtain information about him/her as described above (including information inquiries with ZEK).

Data processing:

I authorise the Financial Institution and Miro Kredit AG to process my data for risk management and marketing purposes, to store and evaluate it for a period of 10 years and to create profiles in the process. I expressly authorise the Financial Institution and Miro Kredit AG to offer me other products, information and services, including from affiliates of the Financial Institution, by post, SMS or email. I can revoke this authorisation to process data for marketing purposes or to send information at any time.

Cooperation with service providers (outsourcing):

The Financial Institution and Miro Kredit AG can outsource services to third parties (“Service Providers”), especially in the fields of handling business processes, additional insurance offers, IT security and system control, market research and processing, the calculation of business-relevant credit and market risks, as well as the administration of contractual relationships (e.g., application and contract processing, debt collection, communication with customers). The Financial Institution and Miro Kredit AG will provide these Service Providers with the data necessary to fulfil the contractual obligations and may also transmit this data abroad. The Service Providers, their employees and subcontractors are contractually obliged to comply with data protection in accordance with the requirements of the Swiss Data Protection Law, to maintain bank-client confidentiality in accordance with the Swiss Banking Law and to maintain confidentiality. In this context, I acknowledge that my data may be transmitted to Service Providers in countries that might not have an equivalent level of data protection as Switzerland.

Data transmission:

I confirm that I agree with the use of any means of communication, (e.g., via email, SMS, leaving voice messages on the answering machine, Whatsapp, etc.) between the Financial Institution, me, Miro Kredit AG and all of the above mentioned third parties and information bodies. I also accept that the data will be transmitted over the internet and am aware that the internet is an open network accessible to everyone and that no communication channel is completely protected against access by unauthorised third parties. Therefore, Miro Kredit AG and the Financial Institution cannot guarantee the confidentiality of data when transmitted over the internet and other communication channels. Therefore, it is possible for third parties to draw conclusions about an existing or upcoming business relationship (possibly a banking relationship) between me and the Financial Institution.