Legal notice

Approving a loan is forbidden if it leads to over indebtedness (Art. 3 UWG).

I hereby agree with the following: Miro Kredit AG can forward my request to the Cembra Money Bank AG, Creditfolio AG, Bank-now AG and other financial institutions (hereinafter “Financial institution”), via internet, email, fax, or courier service. I hereby further confirm the following

Assessing creditworthiness and statement from the credit bureau:

I confirm the accuracy of all my data and authorize the Financial institution and Miro Kredit AG to ask for data on me regarding the assessment of this request and execution of the contractual relationship from third parties, in particular banks, the central credit information center (ZEK), public institutions (eg office for debt collection and tax administrations, land register, institutions on citizen records, social work centres), credit bureaus, credit intermediaries, employers, financial institutions that are members of the Consortium and info centers for consumer loans IKO.

For the purposes previously stated, I hereby release these institutions from obligation of banking secrecy, post office secrecy, official secrecy and business secrecy. I further hereby authorize the financial institution to inform ZEK of the requested loan, if the IKO requires it, and to submit report to other bodies in accordance with law.

The data can be requested on the type of loans, financing methods, loan amount, credit conditions, as well as personal data of the request submitter, and primarily data on overdues and abuse. I authorize ZEK and the IKO to give information to their members on the data submitted.

The financial institution can reject the request without stating the reason.

Cooperation with intermediaries:

When the request is filed, the financial institution may exchange with the intermediary the information about the request which the intermediary forwarded regarding request assessment, regarding loan assessment and entering into and executing the contract.

Information on partners:

In case that I have in the request stated data on my spouse or registered partners (hereinafter Partner), I hereby confirm that I have informed my partner of this request, that the Financial institution and Miro Kredit AG can directly verify with my partner the accuracy of the data, and that my partner agrees that the Financial institution and Miro Kredit AG can also request information regarding my partner in the manner afore mentioned (including informative questions with the central credit information center).

Data processing:

I hereby authorize the Financial institution and Miro Kredit AG to process and analyze my data and thus create profiles for the purposes of risk management and marketing purposes.

I hereby authorize the Financial institution and Miro Kredit AG to offer me other products and services of financial institutions that are the Consortium members.

I may revoke this authorization regarding data processing for marketing purposes and regarding information delivery at any point.

Cooperation regarding service providers (Outsourcing):

The Financial institution and Miro Kredit AG may outsource services to third parties (service providers), particularly with the respect to business process management, IT security and system management, market assessment and development, assessment of credit and market risks in relation to business operation, as well as contractual relations (eg processing requests and contracts, claim collection, communication with clients.

The Financial institution and Miro Kredit AG make the data necessary for the fulfillment of contractual relations at the disposal of these service providers and can forward them abroad for these purposes.

The service provider, whose associates and subcontractors adhere to secrecy, are obliged to act in accordance with the law on data protection which is in line with the Swiss Law on Data Protection, for the purposes of client confidentiality protection in accordance with the Swiss banking law. In this context, I hereby agree that my data may be forwarded to service providers in states that do not have in place the same law on data protection as Switzerland.

I hereby confirm that I consent to electronic communication among the financial institution, Miro Kredit AG and me, and the intermediary. I also consent to data exchange online and I am aware that the internet is an open network available to everyone. In accordance with that, neither the intermediary Miro Kredit AG nor the Financial institution can guarantee for the confidentiality of the data exchanged online. A third party conclusion on the existing or future banking relations between me and the financial institution are possible.