ZEK entry: how long? Loan
ZEK entry: how long?
If you are planning to take out a new loan, you should be familiar with the Central Office for Credit Information (ZEK).
Car loan ➤ Car financing with Miro Kredit AG Loan
Car loan
Buying your own car to be mobile is often a big financial decision. While some Swiss are lucky enough to be able to pay the…
50/30/20 rule ➤ Solid finances thanks to the savings method Loan
Use the 50/30/20 rule to achieve solid finances
Whether it's day-to-day financial planning or applying for a loan, your financial situation and therefore managing your finances effectively is crucial to achieving long-term financial…
What is a consumer credit ➤ Credit with Miro Kredit AG Loan
What is a consumer loan
Are you dreaming of a new car or renovating your home, but lack the necessary capital? A consumer loan could be the ideal solution. Consumer…
Creditworthiness Meaning ➤ Improve creditworthiness Loan
Creditworthiness Meaning
Would you like to apply for a loan and are wondering what your chances are? Your credit rating plays a central role when it comes…
Reasons for a loan Loan
Reasons for a loan
There are numerous reasons why people decide to take out a personal loan. Such financial support can often provide temporary relief in various life situations.
Warum sich eine Kreditkartenablösung auszahlt Loan
Why is it cost-efficient to repay your credit cards ?
We are exposed to credit card expenses very often, without even noticing. It is very important to emphasize that the interest rates for credit cards…
Unsere Tipps für eine niedrigere Kreditrate Loan
Our advice for lower loan instalments
Taking out a loan can encumber your monthly budget and, thus, reduce your financial safety. However, lower monthly instalments and longer repayment periods may help…
Gemeinsam zu besseren Konditionen: Kreditaufnahme für Paare Loan
Loans for couples
If you are taking out a loan together with your partner, there is greater certainty that you will be able to repay by instalments on…
Education loan Loan
An education credit, education funding in Switzerland, an education loan
Children get older, and each year are faced with increasingly higher requirements regarding education and professional growth. To help you meet all the needs for…