Cashgate credit

The Cashgate personal loan is already being considered by numerous Swiss people when it comes to achieving financial goals. But what benefits and advantages does the personal loan from Cashgate offer? You can find out whether the Cashgate personal loan is a good choice here in our loan comparison.

Cashgate credit

Focus on fairness - the personal loan from Cashgate

Cashgate is a specialized lending and leasing company that provides responsible financing solutions for both private customers and sales partners. The lender is Cembra Money Bank AG - the Cashgate brand, based in Zurich, has been part of Cembra Money Bank AG since 2019. As a partner of well-known Swiss banks, Cashgate is a trusted point of contact for personal loans and leasing. Cashgate Kredit & Leasing was originally established by the cantonal banks and still handles the lending and leasing business on behalf of Cembra Money Bank AG.

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Cashgate has built a reputation in Switzerland based on the principles of fairness, transparency and customer-oriented service. The Cashgate personal loan is one of the most popular ways to cover financial needs and can be used for numerous purposes - be it for renovating your home, unexpected expenses or paying off a loan.

The Cashgate loan at a glance

  • Maximum loan amount: One of the most important features of the Cashgate loan is its flexibility in terms of the loan amount. You have the option of taking out personal loans of between CHF 3,000 and CHF 80,000, with higher loan amounts of up to CHF 250,000 also possible on request.
  • Effective annual interest rate: The effective interest rates of the Cashgate personal loan are up to 10.95%.
  • Term: The terms range up to a maximum of 60 months, whereby these are freely selectable. Even longer terms of up to 84 months are possible on request.
  • Installment insurance: With the optional CashgatePROTECT installment insurance, which is subject to a charge, you benefit from insurance that covers you in the event of involuntary unemployment and inability to work or disability following illness or accident.
  • Disbursement of the loan: After a successful loan application, the desired loan amount will be transferred to your Swiss bank account within a very short time by bank or postal transfer.

How to qualify for a personal loan with Cashgate

As with other Swiss personal loans, you must also fulfill certain requirements for the Cashgate personal loan. The fulfillment of all criteria is decisive for the conclusion of a successful credit agreement.

  1. Minimum age: In order for your Cashgate personal loan to be approved, you must first be at least 20 years old.
  2. Residence in Switzerland: The Cashgate personal loan is only available to persons resident in Switzerland.
  3. Swiss citizenship or foreign nationals with a C or B residence permit: Swiss citizenship is also decisive for obtaining a Cashgate personal loan. If you are a foreigner living in Switzerland without citizenship, you must have at least a B or C residence permit.
  4. Regular income: Last but not least, you must have a regular income from permanent employment that has not been terminated.

Services at a glance

The services of Cembra Money Bank AG, acting under its Cashgate brand, based in Zurich, are also extensive. These include the following services in particular:

  1. Uncomplicated loan application: Cashgate enables you to process your loan application quickly and easily. You have the choice of submitting your loan application in person or conveniently online.
  2. Simple redemption: Cashgate offers you the option of simply redeeming an existing loan. It is also possible to combine a current loan with an additional loan from Cashgate, which can make managing your finances considerably easier.
  3. Death insurance: Cashgate’s services also include death insurance. This covers up to a maximum amount of CHF 60,000 and is included at no additional cost. This means that surviving dependants are automatically covered.

Is Cashgate a good choice?

If you are thinking about whether the Cashgate personal loan is the right choice for your financial needs, you should consider your individual financial situation as well as Cashgate’s services. Cashgate is characterized by a wide range of loan options, a simple application process and the option to repay existing loans. In addition, the optional CashgatePROTECT installment protection and the death cover offer additional security.

To ensure that you find the best solution for your needs, you should check and compare different offers. For example, we also have Bob in the loan comparison, which could be another loan option for you and the fulfillment of your dreams.

Most important facts at a glance - Cashgate credit


  • Who owns Cashgate?

    Cashgate was sold to Zurich-based Cembra Money Bank AG back in 2019 as part of the realignment of the Aduno Group. Cashgate and Cembra Money Bank AG are therefore one brand.
  • How much credit can I get?

    Lending is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness, so you as a private individual are protected by the Swiss Consumer Credit Act. Accordingly, the amount of a personal loan depends on your personal income and financial means. In principle, however, you have the option of taking out a personal loan of between CHF 500 and 500,000. However, the Cashgate personal loan only goes up to CHF 250,000.
  • How do I get money if I can’t get a loan?

    If your loan application is rejected, there are usually good reasons for this. This could be, for example, a poor credit rating or you already have a loan so that the financial viability of the loan can no longer be guaranteed. In this case, a private loan from an acquaintance, friend or family member could be an option.
  • How quickly do you get the money from the loan?

    As a rule, you will receive the money after the statutory withdrawal period has expired. This is 14 days in Switzerland. Before that, the loan amount can only be paid out if the loan amount is over CHF 80,000.
Miro Kredit Swiss - Conclusion


The Cashgate personal loan is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a fair, transparent and fast credit solution for their financial needs. Only the fulfillment of all criteria such as minimum age and residence in Switzerland is required to obtain the Cashgate personal loan. To find out whether this solution is really suitable for you, take a look at our loan comparison now!

Private loan calculation example:
Private loan calculation example:

Loan amount: CHF 10,000 without insurance. Repayment period: 12 months

Interest (including costs) amounts between CHF 240.50 and CHF 574.25. Effective interest rate 4.5% – 11.95%. Possible loan repayment period from 12 to 120 months

Processing fees: CHF 0.-. Granting a loan is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness (§ 3 Unfair Competition Law – UWG)