General Conditions

  • Users who have taken a cash loan (i.e. the amount paid to the user) with Miro Kredit AG of at least CHF 40,000 and with a repayment period of at least 60 months are eligible for vouchers. In case the amount of the loan is repaid within 12 months of its disbursement, or closed in any other way (e.g. early loan repayment), the voucher beneficiary is obligated to pay off the full amount of the voucher, i.e. pay it back Miro Kredit AG.

User manual and terms for gift vouchers by Miro Reisen, Perimex AG:

  • Valid 12 months after the date of issue
  • The voucher cannot be transferred to another person
  • It can be used for the purchase of airplane tickets and travel packages through Miro Reisen, Perimex AG
  • The voucher cannot be repaid in cash, exchanged, or used for any previously booked travel.

User manual and terms for Coop gift vouchers:

  • The expiration date is displayed on the voucher
  • General conditions of Coop apply (see the link on the voucher)
  • The voucher cannot be repaid in cash or exchanged

Voucher delivery:

  • Mail / E-mail / SMS (or other means of communication), after the loan disbursement
  • The voucher can be claimed in person at Miro Kredit AG in Basel after the loan disbursement.